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Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use

Repurchase liability (CDW-Collision damage waiver/kasko) does not cover the loss / damage of keys and documents of the vehicle, damage to the clutch, damage or destruction of tires, rims, loss / damage to cover wheels, chassis damage to the floor, and any other parts of the vehicle due to driving on unpaved roads, damage crankcase, engine damage due to loss of engine oil, the damage to the interior of the vehicle or any other damage caused by your negligence. Additional insurance,is insurance that cover tires,undercarriage and glass of vehicle who CDW don't cover.The foregoing insurance does not relieve you of the responsibility for the damage and harm in the case of negligence, violation of terms and conditions, violations of regulations, conditions of car insurance or improper use of the vehicle, which is contrary to the manufacturer's instructions. The vehicle must be used responsibly, to make sure that it is locked securely parked, with no visible valuables inside. Client are obligated  checking the oil and other fluids engines after every 1,000 kilometres traveled and adding / update them, as well as the use of diesel or unleaded fuel, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Any damage resulting from failure to unfollow these instructions are not covered by insurance and go to your detriment.

Rent a Car Minell agent will freeze certain amount of deposit depend from vehicle class.Deposit  is from 800 up to 3000 KM.

The use of the vehicle are not allowed in the following cases:a) To commercial transfer of passengers or property, or sublease;b) to push or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object;c) for the race, test (test) driving competition, Off road or on unsuitable roads;

d) until you or any other driver or passenger in the car tired, under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other substance that affects the state of mind, ability to respond, or the ability to drive by the driver in any other way;e) traffic violation or any other applicable law;f) by any person other than you, the only allowable if such person previously designated and authorized by us in the appropriate section on the front page of this Agreement;

g) drive and use outside the country of rental, unless you have given me the prior written approval of the same;Procedure in case of damage, lose, theft, accident, malfunction, etc.

In the event of an accident (with or without damage to the vehicle) or any kind of physical injury to a person, immediately need to call the police station and you have to obtain a copy of the "Report on the police traffic accident" and make a alchotest  for all named  drivers in the contract. In case of theft of vehicles or vehicle parts, you are required to immediately report to the nearest police station to obtain a copy of a police theft report and deliver to us. Any accident, damage, loss or theft of vehicles or parts of vehicles must be immediately reported in Rent a Car Minell, which you also have to be filled and signed 'Accident report. For this purpose you must obtain information about the accident participants, as well as possible witnesses. In case of theft of the vehicle you are required to bring vehicle documents and key. You must not under any circumstances accept any claims by other people, and you are required to help us and our insurance company in respect of all claims or legal matters related to accident or damage. These are your duties applicable in the case of vehicle theft.You are obligated to pay all damages on vehicle,in case if you don't have police report. You are in anyway not authorized to have the car serviced, any repairs, including the replace.Return of deposit within 30 days after expire of rental agreement.Sending to Police,every  traffic fines during agreement and after expiration costs 20 KM who is customer obligated to pay.Delivery to Hotels,Railway or Downtown cost 20 KM which is not added in total of your booking,it will require to pay at location.

Pick-up /Return location/policy:
Return to Mostar Airport location cost 150 KM.(Minimum of 5 days rental required)
Return to Tuzla Airport location cost 150 KM.(Minimum of 5 days rental required)
Notice:These rates are not included in total of your booking,it will be added after booking at rental pick up.

Smoking in vehicle is STRICTLY PROHIBITED,if is found that was smoking in vehicle,customer pay 100 KM cleaning.Any addinig(damage,text etc.)from renter's to this agreement is strictly prohibited.Returning vehicles before of expiration of contract,rates will be changed by pricelist of Rent a Car Minell.Pick up and drop off vehicle out of working time cost 40 KM(Not shown in total.

Car washing cost:10-50 KM who is client obligated to pay at return.

Reservation should be made at least 48 hours before of pick-up.